A single set of cut and chamfer tooling, ensures the cut on the profile and required dimensions;
One single disc is responsible for the cutting of the total thickness of the pipe and one or two chamfer tools for chamfering, all supported on the same set of cut;


Each machine is delivered with one cutting disc, and the chamfer tools provided as an extra, as per drawings to be sent by the customer and subject to confirmation; The original position of the cutting/chamfer tool is defined by the external diameter to produce and determined by the operator through an easy mechanical system;
The cutting set completes the total thickness through an hydraulic system defined by the operator in each pipe diameter to produce, one very easy system with a position ruler;


One travelling carriage, supported on a steel base frame with adjustable height, which moves in the extrusion sense, without adjustment by the operator. The return of the carriage to its home position is made through a pneumatic system;
The clamps are easily adjustable to the different pipe diameters and are UNIVERSAL with auto-centering for all diameters range. It is not necessary to replace on every different pipe OD!


The pipe is supported and fixed before and after the cutting tools, by two clamping stations;
Dust and chips extraction system integrated on the base frame with a soundproofed fan;
Despite being a machine of great rigor and precision, its maintenance and handling are extremely easy.