Soluções à medida para a indústria da extrusão


Periplast is an expert in the Extrusion field, implementing solutions according to the latest Industry 4.0 standards, as well as feeding and weighing, handling and servicing of bulk material, bringing a wealth of know-how and experience to the plastic industry market. Customers benefit from Periplast's fully connected network to provide maximum support in the design, manufacturing, and implementation of the best systems. Supported by engineers, chemists, mechanics, electrical technicians, and a variety of industry specialists, these strengths make the process of providing solutions effective for their clients. Periplast also cares about sustainability and environmental protection. They work to develop solutions that can be implemented efficiently and sustainably, using materials and technologies that minimize environmental impact. The company is also committed to working with its customers to develop solutions that enable the recycling and reuse of plastic materials, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and the construction of a more sustainable society.

30 years of Story

The beginning

Date of founding of PERIPLAST by Eng. José SimõesThe company was created with the aim of designing and manufacturing extrusion equipment to support the main players in the national market. It was at this time that the production of extruders began.



Beginning of the development of Mixers for PVC and later Mixing Units for Masterbatchs.



Installation of the first mixer / cooler line for PVC in France.



Periplast acquires SPEEDEX technology for large downstream equipment such as multi-track and planetary saws as well as the rights to use the trade name SPEEDEX.



installation in Spain of a complete PE pipe line of 1600mm diameter.


PE pipe

Manufacture of two complete PE pipe lines Ø2000mm with vacuum calibration, for Australia. The first line of 2 meters with vacuum calibration.


Grupo Poço

Integration in the Poço Group, specialist in turn-key solutions for manufacturing plants. This partnership is the guarantee of reliability, efficiency, ease of operation and maintenance, without limitations anywhere in the world, to which we have accustomed our customers. Further optimization of resources and effective planning, allows us to take on a greater number of integrated projects.


Industry 4.0

Development of new software / hardware of all equipment line, supported by the "Industry 4.0" concept, with centralized, automated line control, with remote control and data acquisition and processing in real-time.




Carlos poço

We build every Periplast system in accordance with customers’ individual requirements. Over 130 employees – a large number of which are highly qualified process technicians and engineers – work with passion and a perfectionist inventive spirit until a system is running like clockwork in the best interests of our customers. With the support of a largest technical network for bulk materials as well as know-how from over 30 years’ experience in plant engineering, they constantly make improvements and develop innovative processes and new technologies.