Infrared PET Crystallizer/Dryer

Periplast Infrared Rotary Drum Crystallizer/Dryer Systems are ideal for grain, pellet and polyester fiber processors.


They provide PET flake processing, reducing moisture from over 3500 ppm to less than 50 ppm in about one hour, compared to 5-6 hours for conventional systems, or 4-5 times faster than conventional crystallizer systems.


By reducing drying times it is possible to dramatically decrease energy costs. The energy emitted by the dryer/crystallizer is absorbed immediately by the raw material core, this speed helps maintain critical properties including IV (intrinsic viscosity).
With the features of this dryer/crystallizer, it is possible to reduce the spaces that the material being processed occupies.


Start-up is faster which allows longer production time and smaller stocks of raw material. The easy access to the components allows faster cleaning when changing the raw material.

Main Features