Laboratory Mixer


The laboratory mixer is suitable for mixing PVC, powder coatings, masterbatch and pigments, thermoplastic rubbers, wood plastic composites (WPC) and offers high reproducibility of the process environment in the production facility to provide essential data to improve productivity and quality. The laboratory mixer, allows mixing and cooling in the unit itself as the double wall allows water circulation. Alternatively, by adding a cooler to the mixer you get a combination of heating and cooling similar to industrial mixing.


In the mixer, all internal surfaces in contact with the products are made of 316L stainless steel (standard solution) with mirror polished internal surface, including the tilting lid. The use of 316L stainless steel guarantees the durability of more than 10 years in very intensive use. The mirror treatment reduces friction and increases the ease of cleaning. A safety switch ensures that users are protected when operating the mixer. In the hinged lid sealed by silicone rubber, we can find the inspection window, the respirator connection with the filter sleeve, and the area for the product inlet. Two stainless steel probes insulated from the container with Teflon coatings and positioned laterally allow the temperature to be displayed in real time on the control panel.


The mixing paddles are made of Tungsten Carbide coated 316L Stainless Steel, and individually calibrated, ensuring excellent balance, dynamic accuracy.For a quick replacement, there is a quick release nut with a special key allowing all mixing paddles to be changed easily Variable speed AC motor, with the possibility of integration with PLC and Siemens HMI Grease lubricated Viton sealing rings, resistant to dust and heat, as well as bearings with self-aligning rollers and periodic lubrication. The mixer’s base frame is made of welded steel offering all the stability needed.


This mixer has great efficiency, thus enabling excellent production rates and high quality standards.

Main Features


Volume (l)
Power (kW)
20 / 50