Single, two or three vacuum calibrating chambers incorporated into an independent stainless steel pipe;
Single base frame, or, 2 independent frames that can move independently approaching the die-head on different moments of the starting-up;
For dual extrusions there can be two independent tanks housed on a common frame or on two independent and symmetric frames;
Spraying or, alternatively, immersed cooling systems;
Only 1 water inlet and 1 water oulet for ease of installation and operation;
Independent vacuum and water circulating pumps per chamber;
Duplex filters for each water pump for ease of maintenance whilst running;


Extremely high cooling capability;
A very advanced design ensures that the tanks are capable of maintaining very low vacuum levels;
Quick fastening/unfastening’ system for changing calibrator plates, seal plates, spray rows and sprays;
Easy control from pendant mounted control panel at ingoing end;


>Pipe supported by roller assemblies adjusted from outside or by half-shell assemblies along the thank’s lenght, which are easily changed for different pipe diameters;
Motorised movement on auto-aligned rails in extrusion direction.
Possibility of integration with the ECCO system from INOEX


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