Single station pipe coiler, model BTS


Optimal coiling quality by the most recent drive technologies (servo motor).

Pipe coiler for small to large diameter pipe – up to 110 mm.

Compact design and suitable to fit in a container for intercontinental transport.


A footswitch pedal provided to turning easier the start-up of a new coil as well as strapping of the finished coil.

Winding tension control – coiling tension and maximum tension

Automatic layering of pipe by AC motor and controlled by inverter

Pneumatic system to open and close the coiler arms.


Linear speed “automatically synchronized” with extrusion speed by tension

Easy control of coil dimensions

Total control of coiling process via PLC recording statistics of production

Recipes for different products, setting pipe OD and thickness as well as pipe length of each coil ID, etc.

Semi-automatic mode operation


Shale gas water lines


Utility pipe lines


Mining Pipe Lines


Industrial Pipes




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