Re-rounding unit

The manufacture of a pipe of high diameter and thickness, combined with the low thermal conductivity characteristic of the polymeric materials, leads to deformation of the pipe after the calibration tank.

Despite the success of the calibration (correct diameter and thickness) it is still necessary to ensure that the pipe maintains the perfect round shape throughout the process.


The support rolls are adjusted through two independent motors and that movement is guided by two chromium plated columns. It is also important to note that the position of the support rolls is self-blocking, due to a system of augers and 90° gearboxes.


Periplast vacuum tanks are equipped with fixation holes for a re-rounding unit at the exit of the last vacuum chamber, which can be supplied with the equipment or later, if the customer decides to purchase one.

Alternatively, it can also be provided on a standalone base frame to be positioned at the best position along the line.

Several sizes available.