Pulverising lines

Zero Waste Pulveriser


Suitable for recycling PVC and PO materials.
Material is centrally fed, between one or two fixed discs and one or two high speed rotating discs. The centrifugal effect carries the pulverised materials to the transporting line;


Feeding by vibration, metal free by metal particles rejecting unit on the feeding system;


Automatic feeding system including: big-bag support and stainless steel screw or  suction fan;


Automatic discharge (Zero waste system):  transport by a big suction fan, cyclone silo, with self-cleaning filter, vibration and rotative valve. This system allows big-bag exchange without stopping production.

Main Features

Pulverizing rigid PVC pellets, pipe and profile regrind.   The powder quality produced with this system is excellent for high production, sensitive twin screw extrusion.   A constant feed assures higher extruder capacity and reduced wear on the screw and barrel.
The material in pellet or granular form is fed with a vibratory feeder from a feeder hopper to the pulverizer.   The material is pulverized between two rings of segments mounted on carrier discs then air conveyed to a screening machine.   The coarse material is recycled to the pulverizer for further size reduction.   The desired powder is diverted to fill bags or containers or conveyed to silos.


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