PVC Mixer

All internal surfaces in contact with the products are made of 316 L stainless steel with a polished inner surface. The container cover is also made of 316L stainless steel, internally polished, can be opened vertically with a lifting system by a pneumatic cylinder, has Silicone rubber seals, and a safety limit switch to stop the motor when opening.


In the cover, we can also find the inspection window, the respirator connection with the filtering sleeve, and the connection for the product inlet.
Two stainless steel probes insulated from the container with Teflon coatings and positioned laterally allow the temperature to be displayed in real-time on the control panel.
In addition to steel, the mixing tool has a Tungsten Carbide coating on the parts subject to the most friction, and all of them have a precise dynamic balance.


Extraction nut to quickly remove the tool with a special key supplied with the machine.
Single-speed A.C. driven by frequency converter.
Grease lubricated Viton sealing rings, resistant to dust and heat. Bearings with self-aligned rollers and periodically lubricated.
The mixer’s base frame is composed of welded steel offering all the stability required.


This mixer has excellent efficiency, so it allows excellent production rates and high-quality standards. Available with capacities from 20/100 lt. up to 1.500/4.250 lt.
Up to 8 cycles per hour – (HC 1500/4250) – 12 ton/h

Main Features

Recipient made of 316L stainless steel   Real-time temperature control   Single speed control motor   Tungsten-coated mixing tool   Viton sealing rings   Heat horizontal cooler available for all models


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