With the focus on Extrusion Line Control using their considerable know-how/experience and passion for challenges, Periplast has supplied, over the past few years, Tailor-Made Extrusion Lines for Very Special and unusual Turn-Key Projects.


The aim of an Extrusion Line Manufacturer is, today, to provide their customers with :
– Special Products and Flexible Extrusion Lines
– Resultant Raw Material Waste by Optimum Accuracy in Product Dimensions and Weight
– Lines that can run with Minimal Operator Intervention


To keep competitive and profitable in Today’s Marketplace, Extrusion Companies are no longer simply looking for Standard Lines to make thousands of meters of the same product, but are pre-dominantly looking

for Special Niche Products, often involving Shorter Production Runs.


Production control   Bigdata (SQL Server/Azure)   Machine learning/vision AI   Reporting and Analytics   ERP integration


Multiple Drives Integration   Recipes   Line Feeding with feedback   Measurement with feedback   In Line Weighing