Extruder Robot

We are experts in manufacturing small pellets extruders like Ø20 / Ø25 / Ø30 (co-extruders). We re-engineered these extruders and gave them a ROBOT life, creating our first 3d pellet extruder our new EXTRUBOT®.


Reduced Weight <25 KG, with use of light materials, and Servo Motor.
Beautiful and user-friendly windows PC-based control software for the extruder, that can be updated with a single click.
The plasticizing unit design prepared for high-sensitive materials with High Torque and a Max. > Temperature operation up to 400º, we can handle any polymer in the market
No Water needed for cooling just compressed air and electricity.


Continuous and automatic feeding of the extruder
Easy replace nozzle with different options and shapes (1/12mm)
Reduces costs drastically – pelletized materials for 3D printing is cheaper than using filaments.


Easy and Safety

Main Features

Thermally insulated protections


Precise Servo motor


Heating zones to control extruder and tooling w/ thermocouples


Recipies for different materials (Speed, Zone temperature, Heating Bed temperature, Cooling).


Heating Bed, for heating the print surface.


Communication with Robot (Digital/analog): 1. Start/Stop 2.Retract 3.Speed


Material transport distance:10 meter (more on request)


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