Two independent winding units allow switching between one station and the other ensuring comfortable handling by the operator;


The reel change is determined by the reel length count and the signal that starts the cutting cycle on the saw and simultaneously starts the tube end arrest system, and is up to the operator:


New coil – Start the next coil by securing the tube end;
Finished reel – Strapping the reel and removing it.
A foot pedal is available for each winding unit allowing rotation in short pulses that facilitates both the clamping of the initial end of the spool and the strapping.
Winding tension control (winding tension and maximum tension);
Automatic layered tube arrangement by the motorized system and frequency variator;


Pneumatic system for opening and closing the winder arms;


Digital control of the reel dimensions;

Full control of the winding through PLC performing statistical data logging of production;
Generation and control of recipes for the different articles, varying diameter and thickness of the tube, coil width, etc.;
Operation in semi-automatic mode.


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