Degassing Extruder

Plasticizing unit designed for the production of sensitive materials, such as PC, ABS, PE, PC ABS, PA and PP, plain feeding section, and high output screw design. Nitrated screw and bimetallic barrel. Degassing models available at models 35D. Temperature control by heating bands and/or fans. Insulated barrel for high-efficiency control of temperature.


Main motor AC type and Heavy-duty gearbox with thrust bearing.


Extruder controller includes main motor control, heating/cooling of barrel (several types of) possibility of control of extra drives, feeders, etc.
Feeding part with small grooves.

Main Features

Other L/D ratios available


Output depending on the power/torque of the driving solution and the material to be produced


Several options of base frames and adjustments to the extrusion center axis to better suit customers’ needs.


A model with forced feeding available.


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