Precise Cutting of Rigid Plastic Pipe & Profile

Solid frame with an easy and fast two points extrusion height adjustable. Secure and easy operation, with safety switches,inlet, and outlet tunnel guards, that blocks access during the operations. A precise cutting drive via servo motor and adjustable speed. Cycle time approx. 2 seconds. Profile Temper via pneumatic clamping units attached on both sides of the blade block. Saw blade cuts from below and upward through the profile, providing a clean and precise cut.

Servo Saw Cutting Technology

A range of versatile traveling saw cutting machines. The up-stroke circular saw blade can cut through most rigid plastic extrusions to leave a clean, square, cut end. The saw carriage moves along at a speed to match the extrusion line speed. The movement is controlled fully automatically so that the carriage always maintains its position relative to the movement of the extruded material. The carriage movement is driven by a high-performance AC brushless servo motor for improved cut length accuracy. Profile Temper via pneumatic clamp system grips the extrusion during the cut. Adjustable side guides are also provided to ensure that the extrusion remains square to the cut.

Combination with other Periplast machines

The Periplast circular saws scp may be combined directly with multiple Periplast solutions. In this case, the frames of the machines are connected directly with each other and synchronized with our software Extruder Controller.

Main Features

Circular blade driven by an AC motor


Cutting blade with teeth


Adjustable speed of the displacement of the blade


Travelling carriage servo motor is driven and tooth belt transmission, synchronized with the take-off speed, resulting in a very narrow accuracy of cut of ±0,25mm/length


Pneumatically operated clamping system, before and after the cutting blade


Dust extraction in the close system (Dust extraction is off-board and is included on the machine price. Discharge method, very easy and made only by one person, open a ZIPPER and discharge)


Output signal to the collecting table command or other equipment


Remote access for maintenance/update of software on request


The connection must be available on the machine cabinet


Single or double blade option for all models


[table id=16 /] (P)With or without Servo Motor