Plastic Lumber Line

Plastic Lumber Extrusion Line



With our software, it’s possible to control in real time every detail in the production line.
With these solutions, it’s possible to make the line runs with minimal operator intervention, and due to the optimum accuracy, the raw material wastes are substantially reduced.
The easy remote access enables that problems can be solved anytime and anywhere.
It’s also possible to integrate with databases for reporting and analytics.


Plasticizing assembly with degassing, complete with vacuum pump and reservoir on the extruder chassis-Centralized control of the equipment and the entire line. A touch screen (touchpad) is attached to the machine control panel (on a small chassis with wheels or suspended on the machine chassis) facilitating the operator’s work
Extra temperature control zones equipped with probes and plugs, available to control
the head and its connection.


Mold holding group for 10 molds, i.e. the complete cycle time corresponds to approximately 1 mold filling cycle, 8 cooling cycles, and 1 extraction cycle.
Extraction system by mechanical arm for parallel position to the plasticizing set and rotation by roller and rack driven by gear motor or hydraulic cylinder, the change is made in the corresponding step for each mold.
Molding group inserted inside the cooling tank, temperature controlled to optimize the cooling of the parts. AISI304 stainless steel cooling tank

* Molds not included

Collecting table

Dumping table pneumatically driven.
Discharges made through the hydraulic system.
Capable of collecting more than 10 piecies of 100×50 plastic lumber beams.

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Recycled plastic lumber solves all of the problems of traditional hardwood – warping, splintering, rotting, cracking and degrading – and is cost competitive based on reduction of maintenance costs.