Modern, Bold and Accurate

Innovative design keeping in mind the easy operation, maintenance and cleaning! On the top of the base frame the conveyors, underneath the frame table the electrical and pneumatic cabinets easily accessed for maintenance.

Conveyors provided of self-lubricated chains with rubber pads, or, in alternative, by Poly-V belts with a rubber layer.

Each conveyor, being it caterpillar or belt, driven by an independent geared motor or the same driving unit for both conveyors and a very simple transmission applied. AC motor or servomotors depending on the application.

A very comprehensive range of models to better suit customer needs on the most demanding projects, varying width of conveyors, gripping length, type of open/close of conveyors, adjustment to centre height, etc.

Advanced PLC control system ready to connect to the remaining of the line, with internal webserver for remote monitoring and operation, from anywhere, at anytime.

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