Periplast after K 2016

Periplast was present at K 2016 where it presented a new line controller called “Morpheus” made from scratch, taking Periplast to a whole new level.

Morpheus Line Controller

  • 15’’ panel to be placed on it would be requested, depending on the production moment, on the extruder base frame or on the cutting saw base frame
  • Combining the functions of all the machines of the line on the same touch-screen:
  • Extruder’s rotation speed,
  • Extruder’s heating/cooling control,
  • Take-off pulling speed,
  • Open/closing take-off conveyors/belts,
  • Cutting cycle of saw,
  • Discharge of the collecting table.
  • Product recipes would store the information of each article: product name and ID, extruder data, take-off data (gripping pressure as an operator input, as text), cutter programming, collecting table cycle and/or any other information to be agreed with acknowledgment of order
  • Process trends would store the information about the production: how many hours producing each product ID, power consumption of motor, number of hours running and number of hours with start-up or producing samples, and/or any other information to be agreed with acknowledgment of order
  • Extruder, calibrating table, take-off and cutter control will still exist, by a small touch-screen panel including basic functions of each machine giving them the possibility of running on their own – important for maintenance purposes or for the production of samples
  • There is no need of setting local or remote control as each control panel will act as master changing and controlling the machine from the location of the operator
  • As an option the control of the line, storing recipes and data trends of production, would be accessed not only on the 15’’ panel but also from any smartphone, tablet or laptop including on the extruder one wifi router. Accessing, with different levels of password protection, to display or, display/setting or, display/setting/start & stop
  • As an option Remote access for maintenance and technical assistance from periplast facilities (Portugal)

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