Hollow Profile PC Line

Hollow Profile PC Line


Degassing Extruder

Single screw 100x35d extruder with high output PC screw
design, with degassing (no dry required)
Bimetalic barrel, hardned andnitred screw.

Second Extruder

UV layer with Co-Extrusion. Plasticizing unit designed for the production sensitive materials at high rates: plain feeding section and high output screw design. Nitrated screw and barrel. 

Melt Pump and Screen exchanger

Periplast’s coextrusion feed blocks have been specifically studied and built to get a perfect co-ex distribution with the aim to cut down production changes idle time.
The Feed block is made of two parts: the backside part is attached to the extruders, the front side part is attached to the die and they are joined by a conical
jaw coupling witch allows performing quick replacement of the die.
Co-ex configuration changes are also possible by simply changing inserts in the feed block, no extra operation is required.

Calibration Table

Calibrators are  designed, developed and produced to deal with any specific  PC production requirement.
Furthermore, for the production of diversified corrugated solid profiles, in lieu of standard calibrators for each specific profile, a new  special ”tool” was developed which allows production of different shapes without the need to replace calibrators; only replacement required is to unplug and plug into the “tool” specific small parts (inserts).

Haul off

The Haul off is made of two main indipendent parts:the bottom and upper bodies.
This configuration can deal with different typlogies of similar PC products.
Furthermore, the upper body can  be easily replaced to deal with an even greater range of pc products.

Cutting Machine

construction and operation feature specific:

-to multiwall panel and sheet products: a thin Blade
-to solid corrugated profile :a guillotine type blade

Both systems can be installed on the same cutting machine.


With our software, it’s possible to control in real time every detail in the production line.
With these solutions, it’s possible to make the line runs with minimal operator intervention, and due to the optimum accuracy, the raw material wastes are substantially reduced.
The easy remote access enables that problems can be solved anytime and anywhere.
It’s also possible to integrate with databases for reporting and analytics.



Rigid frame plates with a variety of light transmission options and excellent thermal insulation
Corrugated honeycomb polycarbonate sheets have at least two faces. This creates insulating air spaces (cells) that help reduce thermal transfer and result in a rigid, impact-resistant sheet that is significantly lighter than solid polycarbonate, acrylic, or glass sheets. In addition, this solution offers substantially better energy efficiency than any single layer sheet. The honeycomb polycarbonate product line offers many options – from integrated condensation control to greenhouses and garden centers, which reduce solar heat gain and provide greater light transmission and clarity.