Mixing Units

Turbo mixers with cooler for PVC compounding – H/C models with vertical cooling mixer and H/HC models for horizintal cooling mixers;

Mixing units for masterbatches and additives dispersion for PO’s;

Hote and cooling mixers  built in stainless steel, corrosion and abrasion resistant;

Fully automatic programmable operation with the possibility of being part of the existing feeding system of the palnt;

6 to 8 batches per hour in case of PVC compound;

Special stainless steel blades  wear resistant and for temperature sensitive materials;

Precise temperature control;

Polished internal surface;

Double wall for intense cooling;

Cooling ring for vertical vessels  of high volume;

Pneumatic system  for lid opening by rotation;

Full and quick discahrge throught penumatic valve on both verssels;

Low noise level,

AC motor in hot and cooling  mixer;

Power transmission by belts;

Easy maintenance and repair;

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